You are already assured a fascinating time while visiting the mischievous, mystical mountain town ofJerome, Arizona. Why not enhance it by staying at THE WARY BUFFALO Bed & Breakfast?

Sunset view

Because of our unique location below town on the north face of Cleopatra Hill, we have one of the most“pristine" views of Jerome’s stunning and historic landscape. Our Verde Valley panorama from Flagstaff to Sedona looks very much as it did during the boomtown mining days. Closer up and across the gulch, the high slanting wall of Sunshine Hill fills the western foreground. You’ll be as close as can be to the picturesque Audrey Headframe, Jerome State Historic Park (a.k.a. The Douglas Mansion), and the Little Daisy Hotel (now a private residence) without the added“modern" distractions of the lights of Cottonwood, Clarkdale or the cement plant. And the crystal clear, quiet nights only add to the ambience.

Although we’re only a quarter mile from the center of Jerome, once you arrive, it will seem like you’re miles away. You will be our only guest, and will be treated like family.

Our house, built in 2001, is one of only two homes on Beale Street. Nestled in the heart of what was once called “Mexican Town,” THE WARY BUFFALO provides all the modern conveniences and several extras. Your first floor suite has a private entrance, comfortable queen size bed, private bathroom with stall shower, and sitting room with a queen size futon in case you have a third and/or fourth person in your party. Your suite is equipped with free WiFi, satellite TV with premium channels & DVD player, a full-size refrigerator-freezer and the makings for your morning coffee or tea. Laundry facilities are available as well.

Our upper deck (on a clear night, and luckily, most here are) will grant you sensational star gazing … and the sunrises are pretty spectacular, too.

For those with a healthy and active lifestyle, THE WARY BUFFALO is within walking distance of town and other hiking destinations. The roads are rugged, but the rewards are many. The high desert Arizona flora is ever-changing and fascinating at all times of the year. Likewise, the ground beneath your feet is a continuous collage of the composite minerals that make up the mountain. As you traverse the "neighborhood," you’ll see the fascinating remains of some of the miners' dwellings on either side of the road, and other remnants of Jerome’s glory days as“The Billion Dollar Copper Camp."


And then there are the ‘critters’ you may or may not encounter. We’ve seen coyotes, mule deer, jackrabbits, countless bird species, assorted lizards, snakes, tarantulas, and javelinas. THE WARY BUFFALO is also a haven for hummingbirds. Our feeders are constantly being visited by a variety of hungry and surprisingly feisty joyas voladores (“flying jewels”).


A large (and growing) flock of chickens has made THE WARY BUFFALO their home as well. Jerome is the“wild" west in more ways than one!

Speaking of animals, we regret that we cannot allow your pets to visit THE WARY BUFFALO along with you. However, if you want or need a “dog or cat fix” you will be enthusiastically greeted by our four rescued pets: O’Keeffe (a senior Border Collie mix who is the undisputed queen of our castle), Teddy (a senior Heinz 57 variety who resembles a big cuddly teddy bear), Mo Cuishle* (a young, beautiful and spirited wolf hybrid, who is pleased to pose for photo ops) and Hamlet, our resident crazy cat (he thinks he’s the Prince of Denmark!).

Hamlet and toys

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By now, you have probably come to the realization that THE WARY BUFFALO is NOT your average bed and breakfast. Getting here can be challenging, and our property is not overly manicured. Chickens and dogs live here, and a feisty cat. And although we do our best to keep the animals quiet, well… they’re animals, and, although they will be sequestered during your stay, sometimes they feel the need to bark (or gallop through the house) at odd hours. And the roosters are excited to greet the dawn each day. (A "white noise" machine will be provided for light sleepers.)

So, if you are looking for lace doilies and pristine, antique-filled luxury accomodations, you should probably keep looking. But if you have an adventurous spirit, enjoy animals, delicious food, amazing views, unique southwestern American history and interesting“ghost town”conversation (at your option, of course), come spend some time at THE WARY BUFFALO!

Your hosts,

Candace and Michael Gallagher

* “Mo Cuishle” is Irish for “My Darling/My Heart.” And that is exactly what she is.

The Wary Buffalo 2015